Toronto International Film Festival 2016

The first couple weeks of September I had the pleasure of being an Official Beauty Team Member at Toronto International Film Festival for L'Oreal Paris!!!! It was, in a nutshell, incredible. I met amazing people, worked with inspiring makeup artists, hairstylists and I did makeup on directors, actors and so many more... I am so lucky to include that type of experience in my resume and portfolio. L'Oreal Paris is an amazing company to work with and the people are the best!

Ashley Readings // Roger Medina // Bree Collins

(Photo by Ryan Emberley)

I did makeup on actor, Jason Sudeikis two different times. The first was for his red carpet appearance and the second was at the press junket. When I went the first day, I met his gorgeous wife, Olivia Wilde! The second day was when we went to the Press Junket and it was my first time ever attending something like that and it was pretty cool!!!

As we were finishing up with Jason that day, we felt a buzz come about the room and I heard someone say "she's coming!!!" Keep in mind, this is highly exclusive and not open to the public, just the people that need to be there. I was wondering to myself, who SHE could be. As we were heading down the staircase we met "her" glam squad coming up the steps ahead of her. We were asked to wait in the staircase while she passed and that's when we saw Anne Hathaway making her way into the building, past the excited fans, and then past us. It is really cool seeing famous people in person. I have watched her for years, as many have. I fell in love with her back in her Princess Diaries days! So that was definitely a cool experience.

A different day we saw Leonardo DiCaprio going from his private vehicle into the Soho House for a private party! He is just as handsome as you'd expect and the Soho House is the coolest concept ever! For a full behind the scenes preview into a day in the life of a makeup artist at TIFF check out this video on L'Oreal Paris' Facebook page. Click Here. It was such a fun day shooting at the Shangri La and around downtown Toronto with a fun team!

L'Oreal threw a big Gold themed party at an incredible downtown, rooftop venue called Malaparte which is right above the TIFF Lightbox. It was decorated to the nines, and the people in attendance were elite. I met Fefe Dobson and I just found a photo of the singer Divine Brown. I love her song, "Old School Love". It is a bit of a pinch me moment when you find yourself at parties with these kinds of people!

I was so happy to have fellow Brush Contest competitor, and my good friend, Emily O'quinn as my plus one!

Here are all of my favourite jewellery pieces from Fifth Avenue Collection that I wore throughout the festival. I wasn't always able to grab a photo because we were busy working but I love these and highly recommend them!


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Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my first ever experience at Toronto International Film Festival!

x Caitlyn